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Dhihiriko, What'S In Your Dhihiriko?

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Let's play the piano

Still two hours left before my piano lesson will start. I have to practice more than I do right now these last few weeks. The weekends are too busy with family trips or sports and during the week is even more busier. Of course I know that if I really want it is not so difficult to find some time to play the piano. I even can do some practice right now. I can make my fingers warm and play the songs I have to practice. At that way the song is fresh in my head and my fingers ready ...

Big wedding!

I found the funniest thing in my mailbox! I found a wedding invitation to a wedding in france! Like i didnĀ“t think i knew anybody in france. But then i called my mom and she told me that she got one too and the person getting married is my long lost sister! Like who knew i had one of those. My mother had her when she was sixteen but had to give her away to a rich couple in france because she was way too young to have a baby at that time. I was first mad at her ...